East End Mustard Oil 250ml

Brand: East End
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East End Mustard Oil


Mustard oil effectively stimulates the body and mind. It is used in North India for scalp and body massage.
Greatly nourishes the skin of the whole body while improving circulation through its warming and stimulating properties. It also acts as an insulator protecting the body against winter cold. Used as a moisturizer nourishes dry skin. Very quickly absorbed into the skin well moisturizing it.
Perfectly helps to also take care of your hair. Delicate scalp massage with this oil is beneficial for hair. It stimulates regeneration, moisturizes the hair structure and scalp. It nourishes the hair and hair follicles, helping the microcirculation. It nourishes them well from the bulbs to the ends, making them strong. Regular use of mustard oil makes your hair look beautiful, bright and vibrant. The oil is best used before washing only on the scalp.
It is a product of the highest quality, with the freshest mustard seeds, bringing a lot of benefits and a great feeling :) The mustard, the main constituent of the oil contains vitamins PP, H, F, B1, iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.


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