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The word sattva means goodness, positiveness, truth, health, serenity, holistic view of the world, creativity, constructivity, balance, confidence, peace, purity, inner need of Dharma and Jana.

Sandalwood has been known for thousands of years, and its healing properties have been used in Indian and Chinese medicine to this day.

In India, it is used for spiritual and mystical purposes. Thanks to its ameliorating properties, lightening concentration and consciousness (stimulates the activity of the pineal gland) is often used for meditation and for various Indian rites.

The balsamic, warm scent of sandalwood gently calms and helps to relax and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Incense is made from the essence of flowers, herbs, wood, plant resins and honey. Hand-rolled on bamboo.

This incense is handmade with 400 years of tradition

Does not contain synthetic odor, ingredients or petrochemical products.

Usage: Light the incense stick with a small flame. Blow off the flame. Incense will smolder for 60-70 minutes.


15 sticks - 30g


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