East End Black Pepper Coarse 100g

Brand: East End
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East End Black Pepper Coarse


Pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant. Black pepper is a dried, unripe berries. The grains are wrinkled and spherical, they are about 5 mm in diameter. Malabar and Tellicherry species are considered the best species due to their size and maturity. Only 10% of the largest grains are classified as Tellicherry Pepper. Black pepper is the strongest in taste.

The best pepper is the ground directly on the food. For hot meals it is best to add it at the end of cooking to retain its aroma. For sauces best to use white pepper. Green is suitable for puree with garlic or cinnamon, can be added to butter or cream, to diversify the fish sauce. Red pepper grains are added to poultry, vegetables and fish.


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