Navratna Oil 200ml

Brand: EMAMI
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Navratna Oil, produced from 9 unique herbs according to the Ayurvedic recipe. Massage oil will completely relieve you of tensions, headaches, reduce stress, provide a healthy sleep, relax, relax. You will feel amazing relief and you will want to reach out to him often

The oil can also be used for hair care. Prevents them from falling out and premature graying. Brings them glamor and natural beauty. It is extremely efficient.
Contains, among others. Amla- Indian gooseberry, rich in vitamin C. Used for centuries for revitalization of skin and hair. Works anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory. It nourishes and strengthens hair, hair bulbs and scalp, prevents falling, split ends. When applied, it gives the hair a radiance and density, pulls and dries them.
- Hibiskus abelmoschus
- Mentha sp.-Satva
- Emblica officinalis
- Dercuma zedoaria
- Lilium polyphyllum
- Parmelia perlata-Thallus
- Eclipta alba
- Hibiskus rosa-sinensis
100% natural oil.


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