​East End Fenugreek Seeds 100g

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East End Fenugreek Seeds


Use of fenugreek
Fenugreek is a mixture of curry in various combinations, especially vindaloo and Sri Lankan curry. In addition, it is also a component of panch phoron - an Indian blend of five spices. In home-made mixes the amount of fenugreek can be controlled, while in ready-made cheap blends available in stores, its taste is usually overwhelming.

When fish are curryed, especially those with a strong taste like tuna or mackerel, fenugreek is a common ingredient in the mix used.

Many chutney sauces and marinades use spicy fenugreek flavor, which gives the specific aroma of vegetables. Leaves, both fresh and dried, are used in addition to meat, vegetable dishes and chutney sauces.

Seeds are a component of Middle East confectionery, which is halal. From the flour mixed with ground fenugreek, a spicy bread is formed. In India roasted ground seeds are a substitute or counterfeit of coffee. Fenugreek can also make tea - a teaspoon of seeds for two cups should be brewed for five minutes.



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