East End Fennel Seeds 100g

Brand: East End
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East End Fennel Seeds


Culinary application of fennel - fennel

Fennel leaves are mainly used in French and Italian cuisine
Sauces for fish and in combination with mayonnaise. In Italy fennel is
Also used for seasoning pork and savory pork
Sausages, especially in Florence finocchion.
Fennel leaves are traditionally regarded as one of the best
Matching herbs to fish dishes.

The British use the seeds in almost every fish dish, especially in broths where fish and seafood are cooked. Fenchen is used to emphasize the taste of bread, cakes and sweets. It is an ingredient of Chinese spice blend of five flavors and some curry blends.

Some liquors are flavored with Italian fennel, including fennouillette, akvavit, gin and used for the distillation of absinthe.



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