Himalaya Anti-acne and Pimple cream 20 g

Brand: Himalaya
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Himalaya Herbals

Anti-acne and Pimple cream 20 g

Specially formulated, herbal cream formula helps in the treatment of pimples and any skin lesions. The cream contains extracts of kapok, lentils, Saurashtri (potassium alum), which have remarkable astringent and cooling properties that help in the treatment of acne and various skin eruptions. The aloe vera cream softens the epidermis and is beneficial for skin diseases such as pimples.

Indications: Wash your face and apply the right amount of face cream. Repeat the action twice a day, or according to the doctor's instructions.

Full composition: Kumari extract (Aloe) 200mg, Shalmali 12.5mg, Nirgundi 12.5mg, Masura 25mg, Saurashtri 25mg

Expiry date: 7.19


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