Hesh Heenara Herbal Shampoo in Powder 100g

Brand: HESH
Shipping time 7 dni

Hesh Heenara Herbal Shampoo in Powder

capacity. 100 g

Hesh Heenara is 100% natural product for washing and hair care.

It does not contain systhetic chemical additives or perfumes, it is a natural agent that nourishes, cleans and cares for your hair.

Using Heenar shampoo softens and smoothes hair, giving them a nice healthy look.

With regular use, hair becomes not only beautiful but easy to pose.

Ingredients: Aritha powder, Shikakai powder, Amla, Kapoor Kachli, Chandan, Rose Petal Powder, Mehendi, Powder Powder, Wala Powder.


Add the water to the right amount of powder and mix thoroughly, it should create a thick paste. Then massage the paste gently with circular movements in the hair. Leave the paste on the hair for 2 to 5 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse with water.

For external use only.


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