East End Garlic Powder 100g

Brand: East End
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The use of garlic is extensive, it is an important ingredient in most kitchens. Already a little of this spice improves the taste of dishes of meat, fish and vegetables while remaining unnoticed. Different bouquets of flavors contain garlic. It is the basis of Mediterranean cuisine.

Garlic butter is served with snails, mussels and as an addition to fish and meat dishes.Pasta dishes are also seasoned with garlic-based sauces. French and Spanish aioli and Greek scallops are very strong garlic sauces. Garlic often appears in soups, dressings, pates, salami and smoked savory sausages.

Garlic has been used since times
Ancient with innumerable ailments. He is assigned to him
Impetigo, diuretic, expectorant and antispasmodic effects
intestines. Garlic is considered to be
Natural antibiotic. Unlike most antibiotics, no
It destroys the bacterial flora and is considered to be the herb that cures everything
Thanks to its influence on the whole organism. Popularly used
As an aid in digestion - it increases bile production, accelerating
At the same time digesting and reducing bloating.

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