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Cardamom culinary application

Cardamom pods can be used in whole or in part - when we prepare Indian dishes. Before adding the seeds to the dish, fry them or mix them with other spices. The pods should be stored in their entirety until they are fully utilized. The pod itself is neutral in taste and is not commonly used because it gives the unpleasant bitter taste of the dish - if it is added in its entirety.

Cardamom is most commonly used in the Near and Far East, but in the West we find it in Dutch biscuits and Scandinavian pastries, as well as in the akvavit alcoholic beverage (traditional Norwegian liquor since the 15th century).

Cardamom is a frequent addition to curry dishes, a key ingredient in pilaf dishes. Cardamom is often added to Indian sweet food and beverages. Due to its high price, it is perceived as a "festive" spice. In addition, it is used as a flavoring flavoring of pickles, especially pickled herring, mulled wine, and as an addition to meat dishes, poultry and crustaceans.

Taste the creams and some Russian liqueurs. Cardamom can also be chewed (like nuts), especially where it is readily available, such as in East India. It gives an interesting taste of Turkish coffee, which is served with an anointing by the Arabs.

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