East End Chilli Powder 1kg

Brand: East End
Shipping time 7 dni

Dried chillies can be used wholly in the mix and curry sauce and in almost any other slow-cooked dish, as the chili flavor is slowly extracted. Different types of chillies can be used in a wide range of curries, sauces, pickles, chutneys and pastas.

Keep in mind that the amount of fat or oil in the food is often affected by the chili's sharpness and the time when it is felt. Oils and fats cover the capsaicin molecules by reducing them or delaying the focus.

Stir-fry with chili and Thai spices will be quite sharp, but by adding full-bodied coconut milk, the focus will be subdued and our palate will smell it a little later. Alleviate the food can also sweet.

There is not much to do once you have added too much chili, but you can always try adding sugar, cream or coconut milk. Sometimes it may help to add to the chopped potato dish (remove after about 30 minutes). It is also a good idea to leave food for the night in the refrigerator, which will make the flavors mix and mature.


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