BIO HN Palm sugar (Jaggery) - unrefined natural sugar 500g

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Palm sugar (Jaggery) - unrefined natural sugar

100% pure natural healthy low calorie

Sugar produced by concentrating sweet palm juice.

Advantages of palm sugar:

1. An ecological collection of honey-flavored sugar (produced by the concentration of sweet palm kernel juice).

2. Low glycemic index 41 (blood glucose, as opposed to white sugar and fruit grows very slowly and does not burden the pancreas).

3. Suitable sugar for children (in some countries are given to newborns and children to stimulate growth and development of the body) does not cause hyperactivity.

4. Suitable for diabetics, there is no bitter taste like stevia and does not cause blood sugar fluctuations and hypoglycaemia.

5. Palm sugar is alkaline (does not acidify the body).

6. Contains 24 different compounds, such as vitamin B12, minerals and amino acids.

Due to the low moisture content of 1.5%, it can be stored in a sealed container for an extended period of time.

Application: for sweet drinks, food, mashed potatoes, flakes, for cooking and baking.

It is certified by NL-BIO-01 and CZ-BIO-003

Ingredients: natural vegetable sugar

Content: 500 g.

Country of origin: India.

Expires: 06/05/2017


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