East End Adjwain - whole seeds 100 g

Brand: East End
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East End Adjwain - whole seeds 100 g

The same family as parsley and cumin, however, has a taste and aroma similar to thyme. Adwivain is used in Indian cuisine especially for lentils, which supplies the body with the necessary protein in a vegetarian diet. Adwain adds a distinctive flavor to the various dishes and is one of the main spices used to fortify the flavor of lentils prepared from lentil flour or chickpea flour.
Gourmet pasta, patties and breads, especially parathas (flat bread made from wholemeal flour) are adorned with adjwan. Snacks such as the Bombay mixture and fried potato puree are gaining its distinct flavor. It also works well with green beans and root vegetables. It is added to dishes with lentils, which are used in the preparation of besanu (chickpeas meal). Occasionally used as a curry additive.


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